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Food & Your Health – Essays & Recipes – Collection 1

November 20, 2015

Food & Your Health 

Essays & Recipes – Collection 1


Food and Your Health Cover FINAL

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Chef Alain subliminally educates the reader on the health benefits of his sensible recipes made with nutrient dense ingredients. His essays gift the reader with simply extraordinary information as he travels through his personal culinary story.   He focuses on using real foods, suggests contemporary practical & convenient techniques, all the while addressing non gluten foods for Celiac Disease, food for Autism, GMO avoidance, cholesterol-lowering foods, free range vs cage free, antibiotic-free beef, the cost of not eating in season, and much more. He charmingly sneaks in “I told you so” lectures & GMO warnings!

Executive Chef – CEO Jocelyn Lee: Gourmet in Motion / Culinary Product Development, Food Service Operations MA / Regulatory Compliance, HACCP Coordination


Once again Chef Alain Braux shows us his extensive knowledge in healthy cooking and passion for food education. Impressive essays and recipes for both professional and culinary hobbyists.
Executive Chef Jefferson Anderson. Healthcare/ Senior Care Sector


“Chef Alain has combined current nutrition information with his culinary expertise to create a culinary masterpiece. May I personally suggest to the reader his ‘ratatouille’ recipe. Combining sound nutrition, superfoods and creations that are delicious – now that is smart indeed”

– Kathy Smart, RNC, RSNA, PTS, HTC. Best Selling Author, TV Show Host. CEO of  Live The Smart Way 


Another thoroughly researched and highly relevant tome for the times from Chef Alain Braux, an expert on Food as Medicine.

Chef Christopher Daly. Executive chef – Founder of Hip4Kids


This is not your typical book. But that is to be expected, because Alain Braux is not your typical Chef.  Chef Braux is a lighthearted, direct, intelligent, wise and knowledgeable man. He is often funny and yet completely serious at the same time.

The same can be said for this book. It is lighthearted, direct, intelligent, funny, and yet quite serious.

Moreover, this book is as chalk full of knowledge from a strong and proud tradition of French cuisine as it is from centuries-old tried-and-true nutritional wisdom. And if you have ever heard his podcast, the book reads very much like a conversation with Chef Braux. It is endearing, sometimes delivering information – even life-learned philosophy – in the form of rhetorical questions. That said, it is by no means confusing or hard to understand. Quite the reverse in fact.

Another atypical aspect of this book is the breadth of subjects covered. The format in which it is written lends itself to flexibility, enabling Chef Braux to cover everything from how to shop more effectively to how to keep your employees happy while they work. And all the while Chef Braux manages to stay focused on you and your life and your health.

And: Yes! There are tons of recipes in here (over 100 pages). In fact this book could easily have been split into two books, the first being focused on nutritional wisdom, and the latter exclusively full of yummy recipes.

Given Chef Braux’s impressive background (as an award-winning Executive Chef and Nutrition Therapist; an best-selling Author; a speaker and panelist on food allergies, Paleo and GMO issues; an expert in food allergies and diets; and, perhaps most importantly, an expert in how to eat to extend your life, especially for those stricken with disease), Chef Braux’s book “Food and Your Health” can best be summarized in one sentence, taken from the first few pages: “Let me tell you how I see my food.”  And I will tell you this: the way he sees food is a perspective that will leave you motivated, enthusiastic, lighthearted, and with a healthy attitude toward food (literally and figuratively), and for all of us – not just those struggling with their relationship to food – that is a good perspective.

This book comes with my highest recommendation.

Joe Salama. Author, The Paleo Miracle & The Tao of Paleo


Alain Braux’s latest book ‘Food and Health continues his line of quality publications. This is undoubtedly a useful handbook for anyone who is following Paleo and longs for that authentic French taste.

Alain gives us a glimpse of his own path to perfection that started when he was young learning how to cook the tasty yet inexpensive French favorites from his grandmother. He also has an extremely useful section on using herbs typical to French cuisine.

One of the most surprising parts of this book is the section on chocolate where Alain explains the health benefits of eating certain types of chocolate (YES really!) and gives 14 solid reasons why chocolate is good for you. Plus he reveals his ‘Best ever Hot Chocolate Recipe’. It is well worth getting his book for that alone!

The medical profession is constantly trying to tell us how bad cholesterol is and frankly the cholesterol story has been responsible for one of the largest profit making range of medicines since the modern pharmaceutical industry came into being. Happily Alain debunks this smoke and mirrors con trick and gives you the real truth about cholesterol and shows us it is nothing like the menace it has been portrayed as and is in fact absolutely essential to your body’s proper healthy function.

And even if you do think cholesterol levels are important then Alain has that covered as well by going through the natural ways and foods you can partake of to reduce those numbers.

Another of Alain’s myth busters is on the subject of sugar. And again you get solid well researched information about this ubiquitous product that undoubtedly does us no good whatsoever while at the same time shows you healthy ways to replace it when your sweet tooth starts to sing.

Over the last few decades’ fats have had what can only be described as bad press. Here again Alain digs deep and gets right into the subject revealing the hidden truths and uncovering the lies and falsehoods that vested interests have been feeding the mainstream media for so long. Bottom line… Well among many things Alain will prove to you is the fact you can eat butter with no worries at all and in fact it will do you good.

It is surprising how many health problems are connected with what we eat and yet I find it even more surprising that doctors get such little training about nutrition – in some cases they have had less than a single day in the whole of their training! One health condition that is conclusively liked to unbalanced nutrition is that of autism which is why Alain has turned his keen mind to the problem and uncovered a whole mountain of home for people suffering from this problem – all addressed by dietary corrections – that have been shown by people like Dr Shauna Young to produce life changing result.

One of Alain’s long time areas of expertise is in how nutrition affects company profits. Yes it’s true… Companies that make a small investment in helping employees eat better can make big differences to their bottom line.

I’ve only really mentioned the highlights here and have really left the best bit (to my mind anyway) until last and that’s the recipes.

All of the many delectable recipes in this book have what I can only describe as that certain ‘Alain Braux’ magic. Simply because he has not only made them healthy, he has kept and sometimes even improved on the authentic taste that you expect to find in every single one.

So should you buy this book?

My recommendation is an unashamed YES. If you are serious about using paleo as your road to health then this book is a ‘Must Buy’ and even if you only like great food then the recipes alone make this book one you should have and refer to more than any other one in your library of excellent food.

Mark Moxom. Executive editor: Low Carb Mag. Founder: Paleo Messenger.


GMO 101 – A Practical Guide

August 22, 2014

 GMO 03

GMO 101

Did you know that GMOs can be harmful to your health?

>> GMO 101 on AMAZON <<

The ebook version of GMO 101 is also available on all electronic platforms: ClickBank Amazon Kindle, Barnes&Noble Nook, KOBO, Inktera, and Scribd and Apple iTunes.

Have you ever wondered what GMOs are? Are they good or bad for you?


Research from a food and health geek

After two years of intense research, I am proud to offer you the results in my new book, GMO 101. As the person in charge of getting rid of GMOs for the company I worked for, I have done deep research into GMO ingredients to prove that our products were indeed free of GMOs.

I contacted each supplier with questionable ingredients and asked them to prove that these ingredients were GMO-free. I asked for a certified lab proof, proof of USDA organic certification or show proof that their product or ingredient was certified by the Non-GMO Project. If not, their product was not sold to our customers. This book is the result of my research. I sincerely hope it helps you too.

What’s in my book

In this book, I give you the history of GMOs; what they are; which crops are genetically engineered; and how they affect your health and that of your children.

Even better, I give you more than 200 pages of detailed information about hundreds of genetically engineered ingredients, where you can find them in food, processed food, medications and supplements and even in cosmetic products.

Written to give YOU peace of mind

If you are concerned about what I believe is the current major food and health issue facing us in America, buy GMO 101 here. Let me know what you think.

To Your Health, Chef Alain Braux


“Not only is this an excellent introduction to GMOs, I’ve never seen a more comprehensive list of GMO derivatives to avoid. Wow! Amazing research. So useful and important. Thank you Alain from all of us seeking healthier non-GMO food.”

Jeffrey Smith, author Seeds of Deception & Genetic Roulette. Executive, Director, Institute for Responsible Technology

Dear Alain, thank you so much for GMOs 101. It is AMAZING! What a resource! I’ve never seen such a vast and comprehensive list of every ingredients under the sun with detailed explanation of what it is and whether or not it may contain GMOs. Thank you so much for this valuable contribution to the collection of educational resources on GMOs.

Mary Hart. Co-producer with Jeffrey Smith of the movie Secrets Ingredients

Have you ever read one of those really scary books? The kind that keeps you up at night but you just… can’t… stop… reading it? This could be one of those books. After reading this book you will have no questions as to what a GMO is, where they can be found, and why you shouldn’t eat them or put them on your skin. This is a practical, easy to read and to access book, with lots of websites and reference sites. Educating yourself is the first important step. I congratulate Alain Braux on his exhaustive (and I mean exhaustive) and excellent research. You have no excuses now…

– Shauna Young, PhD, CTN. Health freedom activist. Medical director: The NoHarm Foundation Author: “If Naturopaths Are Quacks, Then I Guess I’m A Duck

Thank You Note

Dear Chef Alain. Thank you for caring and having the initiative of creating a book that will help bring much needed information about GMOs. This amazing book, will help us all live healthier lives, while also caring for the environment. Thank you for thinking ahead and caring not only for our health , but also for the future of the Earth. Wishing you the best in health. One Planet for all, all for one Planet.

– Rachel Parent. Founder, Kids Right To Know. Twitter: @RachelsNews

GMO Apple Pear

What a wonderful resource, Chef Alain Braux has created for us! In his 5th book on food and health, Alain Braux explores the dark sides of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our environment. He reviews how GMOs came to be and then became a major force in our current agricultural and industrial environment and, most importantly, how GMOs are beginning to adversely affect our health.Chef Alain explores the negative effects of GMOs on our immune systems, increasing the risk of developing food allergies, leading to the development of autoimmune diseases. The book also includes a comprehensive list of genetically engineered ingredients hidden in our food supply. What most of us do not realize is that GMOs are also used in the manufacturing of many vitamins and nutritional supplements! Chef Alain has given us the ultimate reference guide to keeping GMOs out of your life!As a practicing physician, a clinical researcher and a champion of using “Food As Medicine”, I highly recommend this book. If you care about your health, your family’s health, and the future of humanity this book is for you.

Dr. Terry Wahls. Clinical professor of Medicine, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, U. S. A. Author, The Wahls Protocol. How I Beat Progressive MS Using Paleo Principles and Functional Medicine at

GMO Veggies

Chef Alain has provided a wonderful introduction for some, and resource for others wanting to expand their knowledge of GM foods.He’s written an accurate account of the beginning of the GMO takeover of our food system, while disproving the seed oligarchies propaganda and myths, and covering the many health concerns that are constantly present in our grocery stores.It covers the many important facts that are part of this issue, I wish for anyone trying to gain more knowledge of their food to read this book.

Birke Baehr. Internationally-known Youth Food Advocate, Author, Public Speaker, and Future Farmer in organic and sustainable farming practices at Birke on the Farm

GMO Rice

As a chef, Alain Braux has a deep appreciation for good-tasting, nutritious, and sustainably produced food. At the same time, he has a deep concern for foods that pose risks to our health and the environment, such as genetically engineered foods.He clearly expresses his concerns in GMO 101. A Practical Guide to Genetically Engineered Food. In this comprehensive book, Chef Alain describes the history of genetically engineered foods, how they are made, and, most importantly, how they threaten our health. He also lists, in incredible detail, the foods and ingredients that are derived from GMOs.In order to stop this uncontrolled experiment on our food, more and more people must become aware of this threat. GMO 101. A Practical Guide to Genetically Engineered Food is an excellent tool to learn about GMOs and to avoid them.

Ken Roseboro. Editor and Publisher, The Organic & Non-GMO Report

GMO 3 Tomatoes

Moms Across America is proud to endorse this wonderful resource by Chef Alain Braux. His insights as a chef and nutritionist are invaluable. At Moms Across America, we feel the easy way to get around knowing about all of this is simply to eat organic. But for those who wish to know the details about ingredients and why we should avoid GMOs, this book is invaluable. This is an extremely thorough source of information on every type of GMO ingredient available! We highly recommend this book as a guide to looking out for GMOs in the food we eat.”

Kathleen Hallal, Co-Founder, Moms Across America and Host of The Weekly Women’s GMO Free News.

GMO Tomato

This book is one of the most amazing GMO Truth guides in existence today, not only clearly detailing the harms, but providing a practical guideline to avoid the known dangers of these genetically engineered and agrochemical contaminated foods. I highly suggest anyone who is aware of the issue to read it and spread it far and wide!

Sayer Ji. Author, researcher, and lecturer on GMO issues; Steering Committee Member of the Global GMO Free Coalition (GGFC); Advisory board member of the National Health Federation.

GMO Orange Kiwi

GMO 101 is a must read for anyone who is even a little bit interested in Genetically Modified Organisms. No matter what side you support.You can sense the depth of research and time taken to bring what is a very complex subject within easy grasp of all who are seeking answers. In fact Alain Braux has tackled those difficult questions about GMOs and through his deep understanding of this subject – been able to provide straight forward answers.The first part of the book provides the intelligent overview of where the real problems are and goes on to bring out well thought out and practical solutions to those problems – giving just the right amount science needed to provide quite a deep insight for the reader, yet not so much as to be impenetrable. This is not a dry or boring book – thankfully. It is a real source of sound information presenting the problems with current GMO research and with the products that have been unleashed onto the world of food production.Once you have read this book, you will be informed but you won’t be able to sit on the fence. You’ll also look more closely at what you eat. And even there Alain has taken on the huge task of listing the larger part of food and ingredients that contain GMOs. So you’ll not only know why you should be careful about the food you eat,  you’ll also know what foods to avoid.Bottom Line… If you want to be reliably informed about what GMOs are and – if you value your health – what you should be doing about them… Then GMO 101 is exactly the book you need to read.

– Mark Moxom Beng MEng. Editor: Low Carb Magazine. Author Expert Speaker Low carb Advocate

GMO Frog

Everyone needs to read this eye-opening book on the dark side of GMO food. Chef Alain Braux does a masterful job of outlining all the arguments “they” use for why we should have genetically modified foods, along with the reasons “we” are not benefiting from these foods.On the contrary, GMO foods are slowly weakening our immune systems, creating allergies, and leading us towards autoimmune diseases. If, by now, you’re worried about what to eat, never fear. Chef Alain takes you by the hand and walks you through the food aisles, guiding you to the healthy, organic choices. From apples to zucchini, he steers you away from the genetically modified “Franken-foods” and the ingredients to watch out for.More than a practical guide, GMO 101 is very comprehensive, and can be used as a thorough reference guide for almost any food or food ingredient you can think of.I highly recommend this book to anyone who cares about their health, their family’s health, and our environment.

Lynda Goldman, Publisher of Healthy Organic Woman.

GMO On Corn 850x400

Trained as a professional French pastry chef, Alain Braux seems like an unlikely advocate for healthy eating. But as a culinary nutritionist and his passionate connection with food, he began to ask hard questions about where his food came from, how it was made, and how it impacts the health of people and the planet. Inevitably, this led him to confront the world of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and what he found there troubled him so much that he felt compelled to share his findings.In “GMO 101”, Chef Alain dives into the history of genetically modified foods, its origins at the turn of this century and its modern day applications. He takes on the purported benefits of GMOs, a supposedly safe way to increase crop yields chief among them, and systematically exposes them for the lies that they are.

Tony Federico, B.S. APK, ACSM HFS, CFL1. Author of “Paleo Grilling – A Modern Caveman’s Guide to Cooking with Fire”

GMO Square Tomato

GMO 101 A Practical Guide is a comprehensive collection of information that will open your eyes to what is in our food supply.This writing starts from the beginning so you understand just how GMO products have infiltrated our food supply basically undetected by the general public.A must have book for those whom wish to keep GMO products off their dinner table…

Aaron Aveiro. President, Aladay Organic Farms

GMO Strawberries

I have had the distinct pleasure to get to know Chef Alain Braux over the past couple of years. His knowledge of nutrition and avoidance of particular foods like gluten and dairy combined with French cooking is truly a shared gift. I love the recipes in his cook books and am very excited that his ‘GMO 101’ book is being published.  It is a must read for many reasons.In addition to poignantly describing our food industry he has written the most comprehensive list of ingredients (especially those that are difficult to pronounce) that I have ever read.  I will refer to it for years to come.  My thanks to Alain for helping me continue to be aware and mindful of the foods I choose to eat and serve.

Julie Trone. CEO Allergy Free Table; Nutrition Education Development Specialist

GMO Apple Grapefruit

All aboard for Chef Alain Braux’s new work, GMO 101 which will elevate the understanding of everyone in the land who wants to understand the most serious issue of the day with regards to the food you are eating.Chef Braux’s easy going style melds with a mountain of research. If your life revolves around healthy living and the great, fresh food needed to drive it this is your book to understand how to protect yourself and your family from the poisonous food stuffs in everyday packages.

– Chef Christopher Daly. Founder Hip4Kids. New York

GMO Mango Peas

In the early 1900’s, hydrogenated margarines (trans fats) were released into the food system, deemed by governments to be safe. Later, polyunsaturated margarines containing these trans fats were even recommended by health authorities to be beneficial for prevention and treatment of coronary disease, when substituted for butter and natural saturated fats. Now, we have discovered that there is no ‘safe’ level of artificially produced Trans fats and labeling is mandatory. Are we to trust our “authorities” blindly again?We could be going down the same path with GMO.   We don’t know if they are safe. That’s the problem. No-one knows, and worse, no one seems willing or able to do the research to prove one way or the other. My belief, as is Alain Braux’s, is that when you don’t know if something can harm you, avoid it, and the key to avoiding them is knowing where they lurk.Chef Braux masterfully takes us on the GMO voyage. In an easy to read, entertaining and very understandable style, he gives us the history, politics, potential health dangers, and, most importantly the likely sources.This book is a must for anyone who is interested in the GMO debate, and for anyone who cares for the future health of, not only themselves, their family and friends, but the global environment. It is only by empowering ourselves with knowledge that we will be able to help win the battle. And it is only through consumer demand that retailers and manufacturers, farmers, fishers and ranchers will take heed and stop the spread of these organisms, or demand valid research.This book will give you all and more than you need. I highly recommended you read it.

Sally James. Award-winning author, educator, chef, television presenter and radio producer/host of Slow Living Radio whose books and recipes have won international acclaim for food & wine pairing.

GMO 3 Tomatoes

GMO 101 is a health guide … No, a real life drama of classified toxic, vicious, insidious, specious GMOs invading our basic food supply and bodies. Did you know GMOs were “officially” introduced to the food market in 1996?Here it is in a nutshell:Food Safety 101: Toxins, considered a chemical hazard, cannot be killed but can be eliminated or removed whereas harmful biological bacteria or pathogens are destroyed by cooking.GMO 101: GM Bt toxins are not destroyed by cooking nor by our bodily digestive process. So as these toxins end up in our intestines, they can kill friendly bacteria living that helps us stay healthy.In GMO 101, French Chef & Nutritionist Chef Alain passionately spells the pros & cons for you without too much scientific chemistry jargon. He reads between the lines for you!

Jocelyn C. Lee. Gourmet In Motion, CEO  –  Culinary Product Development & Processing, Food Safety Compliance,  Nutrition Value Analyst.

GMOs Sign

Paleo French Cuisine. A practical guide.

February 25, 2013

Paleo French Cuisine Cover

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Please note: All recipes in this book are gluten and dairy-free as well.

Paleo French Cuisine Awards

 NIEA Seal-2014-Winner-VSM

!!! WINNER !!! “Cookbook  Regional” at the 2013 National Indie Excellence

!!! WINNER !!! Best Cookbook at the 2013 Paris Book Festival

!!! FINALIST !!! 2013 International Book Awards. Cookbook – International

!!! HONORABLE MENTION!!! Cookbook at the 2013 New York Book Festival

Have you heard of the new, yet ancient Paleo diet?


If you are allergic to gluten, dairy, grains and beans, this might be the book for you.

If you are diabetic and cannot figure out how to heal from it through diet and without the side effects of drugs, this book might be for you.

If you have been trying to lose weight for ever and ever and nothing has worked… so far, this diet might be the right one for you.

If you are tired of the same old boring Paleo recipes, put a French twist on it with this book.


Paleo French Cuisine is the right book to help you!


In this book, I will:

– Explain what is the Paleo diet in everyday words.

– Explain the difference between Paleo and raw diet.

– Expose you to my version of Paleo food – the healthy way.

– Teach you how to buy healthy Paleo food.

– Teach you how to cook Paleo food the healthy way.

– Give 130+ healthy, tasty and wonderful French Paleo recipes.


See what not one, but three doctors have to say about Paleo French Cuisine


Chef Braux has done it again – another original, intelligent, and delicious cookbook – this time filled with Paleo Diet recipes that we haven’t seen or tasted before.  These original Paleo recipes are filled with unusual flavors, variety, and nutrient density that anybody can enjoy.  I look forward to sharing this book with my patients. My real hope is that someone comes along, chooses 12 of these recipes and decides to sell them prepared to go. Congratulations!

Dr. Janet Zand, OMD. Author of Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child

Prior to enjoying Alain Braux’s latest book triumph Paleo French Cuisine I thought that to be somewhat oxymoronic idea, mistakenly associating all traditional French food with the stereotypical crusty baguette and beret. Thankfully, this book has clarified those muddy waters.  This is akin to a field-guide for healthy gourmands, providing you with a step-by-step process from farmers market to table.  Full of helpful information, from the roots of the paleo movement, to the link between health and food to simple tips for healthy shopping, ingredient selection, healthy food preparation and finally – the fantastic recipes.  Of course you’ll see the Classics of French Cuisine in the Coq au Vin, but also the new and delightful Raspberry Muffins Frangipane or Gourmet Chocolate Pudding. If you’re laboring under the delusion that paleo cooking is all meat and boring in its selection then this is exactly the book you need!

– Dr. Amy Neuzil, ND author of DIY Health: For Women.

Chef Alain Braux has created another mouthwatering masterpiece in Paleo French Cuisine.  The depth of information about the background of the Paleo movement, Chef Alain’s expertise on healthy food preparation, and the delicious recipes with a French twist make this book essential for anyone tempted by the benefits of eating Paleo.

The recipes and resources in this book inspire creativity in the kitchen so that living a healthy, clean lifestyle becomes a pleasure, instead of a chore.  This book promises to be a staple in my kitchen and a critical resource for my clients.

Dr. Julia Strickler, ND. Doctor of Naturopathy

And many more reviews … HERE

Thank you for your interest and Bon Paleo Appetit!

Chef Alain Braux


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– A Votre Sante-To Your Health. Chef Alain Braux

Healthy French Cuisine for Less Than $10/Day

October 25, 2012

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 Please note: All recipes in this book are gluten and dairy-free as well.

Are you on a food budget?


> Is your food budget a little tight right now?
> Has the economy slowing down stopped you from eating out regularly?
> Are you into eating healthy? Do you still want to eat healthy on a tight budget?
> Do you believe eating healthy is too expensive for your pocketbook?


Do I have the right book to help you!


What if I could prove to you that it IS possible to eat healthy on less than $10 a day per person? Don’t believe me? Go to my Amazon book page (click on the cover above) and click on Look Inside. Find my seasonal menu suggestions or my recipes. You will see that all my recipes costs per serving are right there on each recipe.

My weekly menu suggestions come up to less than $10 a day average through the week. Go ahead! Give it a try and see that I’m not fibbing you. If that does not convince you, check out some of the reviews I received below and on my Amazon page.  My book is also available in ebook form. Check it out! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Did you know this book won…


Finalist at the 2013 International Book Awards. “Cookbook – Regional”

Best Cookbook at the 2012 Paris Book Festival.

Finalist in two categories at the 2012 Indie Excellence Awards: Cookbook-Regional and Nutrition.

Honorable Mention at the New York Book Festival.

Honorable Mention at the San Francisco Book Festival.

Here’s what other people saying about it

Gastronomic delight is really the domain of the French

Preparation and planning, plus the love and care of food are what it’s all about when reading a cookbook. With Chef Alain Braux’s “Healthy French Cuisine”, there is, dare I say it, a certain “je ne sais quoi”, that indefinable something, that sets this cookbook apart.

For one thing, this book puts us into the right frame of mind about food. It comes down to the simple, and not the extraordinary elements that make a great meal. This is a remarkable book, in that it’s not a “frou-frou” French cookbook, but instead a real life, practical guide for Cooking French Food… MORE

– Mary Lee Johnson

Chef Alain Braux’s approach to healthy eating is literally “down to earth” in this delightful and extremely useful guide to balanced, nutritious meals on a budget. With a passion for flavor and fresh ingredients, Braux takes us through an eye-opening grocery shopping experience (including the 12 most contaminated foods in the produce section, and what “natural” really means on food labels), to alternative shopping choices (farmers’ markets, growing your own)…. MORE

– Michele

Beyond a COOKbook, Healthy French Cuisine is more of a FOODbook. About half of the book is devoted to nutrition, eating in season, and cooking techniques. My resolve to eat healthy by buying more local, in season produce was strengthened by reading Chef Alain’s recommendations… MORE

– Terry

Chef Alain Braux has hit a home run with his “Healthy French Cuisine for Less than $10/Day”. Finally a Healthy French Cookbook that has the sophistication for the snooty Gourmand and yet is an intelligent simply guide for the novice cook.
He not only has fabulous recipes that are easy to make with step by step instructions, but he teaches us about the ingredients we use to make these recipes… MORE

– Gayle

And many more HERE

Bon Appetit on a Budget.

Chef Alain Braux


Please note: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. If that is the case, I receive an affiliate commission if you decide to buy. No matter what, I want you to know that, if you decide to buy this product, YOUR price is not affected. It comes out of the affiliate program, not your pocket.
– A Votre Sante-To Your Health. Chef Alain Braux


Living Gluten and Dairy-Free with French Gourmet Food

October 2, 2012

Living Gluten and Dairy-Free with French Gourmet Food

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Did your doctor just tell you you have Celiac disease and you just don’t know what hit you? Are you panicked because you don’t know how to deal with it? Do you even know where to start?

All the answers you’re looking for are in my book: Living Gluten and Dairy-Free with French Gourmet Food. A practical guide.

Do you know where gluten and casein are hiding? I give you 12 pages on where to find them in your food.

Do you know what to shop for? I give you more than 20 pages of shopping idea.

Do you know how to prepare gluten and dairy-free food? I give you 80 recipes to get you started.

Are you an old hand at gluten-free cooking but are getting bored with the same old recipes? I have put a French slant on GFCF recipes to add a little “je ne sais quoi” to your dinner. Your friends will not believe that GFCF food can taste so good.

If you’re not convinced yet, check out the reviews and comments below and on my book’s Amazon page. They might convince you this book IS for you.

By the way, this book has already won:

– Winner! Best “Cookbook – Health” at the 2013 International Book Awards.

Best Cookbook at the 2012 Los Angeles Book Festival.

Best Cookbook at the 2011 Paris Book Festival.

Best Nutrition Book at the 2011 Indie Excellence Awards.

NIEA Seal-2014-Winner-VSM




Honorable mention at the 2011 New York Book Festival.

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Enjoy my book and Bon Appetit! Chef Alain Braux

Living Gluten and Dairy-Free with French Gourmet Food. A practical guide”, is offering all people affected by gluten intolerance, Celiac disease as well as children on the autistic spectrum syndrome a way to understand their affliction. My goal in writing this book is to help you deal with it emotionally, give you practical advices on how to face this new gluten and dairy-free world and offer you more than 80 of my favorite recipes. I strongly believe that the foundation for good health is good nutrition. As a French chef I am convinced that healthy food does not have to be boring and dull to be good for you. I believe, based on my many years of experience as a French chef that healthy food can be and should be delicious as well.

In his book, Living Gluten and Dairy-Free with French Gourmet Food: A Practical Guide by Chef Alain Braux, chef Braux merges his philosophy of creating beautiful, delicious and healthful food with gluten- and casein-free cooking.

Living Gluten and Dairy-Free with French Gourmet Food: A Practical Guide will give you all the resources you need to live your gluten-free lifestyle, eating healthful, delicious, beautiful foods. Chef Alain shows you how food can give you vibrant health and fill you with joy and satisfaction. Living gluten-free is still mostly about living. A Votre Santé – to your health! MOREBecky Rider

“This book contains a lot of information I didn’t know like antacids can have gluten – really? I couldn’t believe it! Nearly the first half of Living Gluten and Dairy Free with French Gourmet Food is full of practical and necessary information for anyone facing the GFCF dietary challenge. MORE – Maggie Tate

“This book has become my gluten-free, casein-free Bible. It is the most comprehensive collection of helpful information on the subject anywhere. The SAFE and Prohibited lists and appendices have taken the fear out of reading ingredient labels and have resolved many dietary mysteries for me, bringing me closer to being totally gluten-free. How liberating!! The recipes are delightful! Thank you Alain for sharing your ingenuity. The planet just got better.” MORE – Liz

“Alain, I cannot thank you enough for the information in your book.  I never could drink milk, but I WAS eating a lot of cheese. I was not aware of Casein. I have been under the weather for quite some time. My feet were swollen up like footballs every day. I had dark circles under my eyes. After studying your book and going on to do further research, I put 2 and 2 together and figured it out. It took about a week and my feet after many long months of the swelling went.. MORE – John Patrick Mahoney

“Living Gluten and Dairy-Free French Gourmet Food” is the second cookbook by Austin Chef Alain Braux. Alain has impressive credentials as a traditionally trained French chef but, even more interesting, is a nutritherapist – a term used in Europe for nutritionists who use only food as a healing medium, as opposed to conventional nutritionists, who usually work with supplements, homeopathy and herbal medicine. Since writing his first book, “How to Lower your Cholesterol with French Gourmet Food”, Alain recently discovered that he was gluten intolerant and has gone on to compile his knowledge into a new book for those of us who love good food, more especially traditional French food.
Chef Alain’s comment `gluten-free junk food is still junk food’ is such an astute observation. He believes we should eat thoughtfully, be aware, and indulge carefully on special occasions. MORE – Gretchen and Rita

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Chef Alain Braux

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– A Votre Sante-To Your Health. Chef Alain Braux

How to Lower your Cholesterol with French Gourmet Food

September 30, 2012

How to Lower Your Cholesterol with French Gourmet Food

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– Did your recent cholesterol test showed your cholesterol levels are too high?

– Did you know you can help lower your own cholesterol with the proper diet?

– Do you want to avoid the nasty side effects of statin drugs?

– Did you know you – yes you – can accomplish of of this while eating tasty food?

– You don’t even have to be French chef to cook these dishes. I made it simple for you.

I designed this book to educate you, teach you what’s good and what’s not good for you to eat. How to read your cholesterol report. What are the healthy and unhealthy ways of cooking your food. I even help you do your shopping. How easy can it be? Find out in this book.

Did you know that this book won:

– Finalist in the Nutrition category at the Indie Excellence Awards.

– Honorable Mention at the New York Book Festival.

I’m a German/Austrian guy who grew up on a rich cuisine dominated by meat, starch, greasy sauces, and…sugary sweets, of course. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, they say. Well, “they” are wrong.

“How To Lower Your Cholesterol With French Gourmet Food” is entertaining and highly educational. And it worked for this “hard head” when it came to giving up comfortable old ways. My new ways taste much better! MORE Achim Thiemerman

“How to Lower your Cholesterol with French Gourmet Food. A practical guide” is available on I hope it helps you lower your cholesterol the way I did with this diet. My beliefs is that we can live a healthy life while eating healthy food that tastes good.

I really believe this book should be read by school and college students, to make them aware of what they are doing to their bodies. Chef Alain Braux shows us how we can make delicious appetizing meals that fulfill and do not leave us hungry and in need of a snack half an hour later” MORE – Anna Murray

“A reference book, a meal planning resource, and a cook book – all under one roof. With a friendly and charming writing style, Alain Braux delivers what North America’s cooks, restaurants, and school cafeterias *should* be delivering, but don’t: a completely healthy and tasty alternative to our overweight culture.

A definite must-have for anyone who loves cooking, and needs a nudge in the right direction if their waste line – or cholesterol numbers – are a little to high. Five stars Chef Alain – good job. MORE – Wolfy/bookreviewdude

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Thank you for your interest in my work.

Chef Alain Braux

Please note: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. If that is the case, I receive an affiliate commission if you decide to buy. No matter what, I want you to know that, if you decide to buy this product, YOUR price is not affected. It comes out of the affiliate program, not your pocket.
– A Votre Sante-To Your Health. Chef Alain Braux