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Chef Braux Interviews

May 2, 2014



EuroCircle: According to Chef Braux, Size is Everything

I am excited to share this interview with Chef Alain Braux. Alain was kind of enough to come to downtown to meet me at Alta Cafe since I can walk there easily from Rainey Street (I do NOT drive…I know, that’s crazy in Austin). He grew up in southern France, Nice.  So of course I assumed he learned to cook at his parents’ restaurant but that’s not quite how life worked out for him… Read more HERE

Primal Show: Losing weight on the Paleo Diet

Guest Chef & Author Alain Braux & Mark Moxom from the Low Carb Paleo Show & Low Carb Mag talk with us about the benefits of a balanced diet and a low carb Paleo diet. The Primal Show with Former FDA Investigator & Author Gary Collins & CEO of Julian Bakery, Inc. Heath Squier talk about how the Paleo Diet is great for losing weight and achieving optimal health. We also discuss the Paleo movement in France and how diet & health is vastly different.” HERE

Aladay LLC: Talkin’ Food and GMOs with Chef Alain Braux

I was introduced to Chef Alain Braux via an email on an article he wrote about Pets and GMOs. His article reinforced the claim that Monsanto and the GMO machine they developped… More

Healthy Organic Woman: Super Bugs and Super Weeds. Lynda Goldman Interviews Chef Alain – Part 2

Franken Fish, Flavr Savr tomatoes, bugs with exploding stomachs, and leaky gut syndrom?

That’s what we learned about in the June 12 newsletter, GMO 101: Bugs with Exploding Stomachs.

But wait… there’s more…

GlutenFreeGal: Meet the Wonderful & Amazing Gluten-Free & Paleo Chef Alain Braux

Have you had the chance to meet Alain Braux? He’s an amazing, do it all kind of guy as an executive chef, author, speaker, advocate, nutrition therapist, and I’m lucky to say, my friend as well.  He is also our gluten free calendar man for the month of October and simply adorable. Without further ado, meet Chef Alain Braux…

Healthy Organic Woman. GMO 101: Bugs with exploding stomachs. Part 1

As I was writing my Paleo French Cuisine book, I kept on hearing about these GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), also called GE (Genetically Engineered) crops from some of my food sources.

The Reluctant Gourmet Interviews Chef Alain Braux

I am very excited to share with you this interview with Chef Alain Braux. Chef Braux grew up in France where he learned to cook in some of the most famous French establishments next to some of the greatest French chefs of our time. He came to America to work in some great New York restaurants and now lives in Austin, Texas where he is working as Executive Chef and Nutritherapist at Peoples Pharmacy and writing books about French Food and Nutrition.

Paleo Gluten Free Recipes. Paleo French Cuisine – Intimate Interview with Executive Chef Alain Braux by Tina Turbin

As you know, as I am allergic to gluten, I had been on a gluten-free diet for the past 3 years. A friend and colleague at work kept on telling I should switch to Paleo. After turning a deaf ear for a while, I kept on hearing about this new yet ancient diet.

Gluten Free Frenzy. Tell All Tuesday: Chef Alain Braux by Chandice Probst

I am a classically trained French chef that developed a gluten allergy with age. I know, a French chef that cannot eat French bread and croissants? What’s up with that? So I decided to make the best of a bad situation and Voila! A GF French chef.

Austin American Statesman: Chef Alain Braux: Food is my Healing Medium by Michael Barnes

A few years ago, classically trained French chef Alain Braux chatted about the effects of nutrition on personal health with two Austin assistants who happened to be vegetarians.

Stuffed Pepper. Chef Alain Puts a French Twist on Paleo Cuisine by Heather Jacobson

Bonjour! My name is Alain Braux. I am a French Chef by training and a Nutrition Therapist by passion. I am also an award-winning food and health author and expert in GMO (genetically modified organisms) food issues.

Hail Merry. Chef Alain Braux Dishes it Out

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Chef Alain Braux



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